Friday, October 31, 2014

November 2014 Goals!

I've never been that good with yearly goals, so I decided I needed to break it down and take one month at a time. I started doing this months ago and I feel like I've achieved so much more since then! I want to post on the ol' web so that I will be held even more accountable for my goals!

Silver & gold painted pumpkins on the porch!


Read 1 book 
(I did set a yearly goal on this & I've already met my yearly goal thanks to a week at the beach this summer so I'm just going to try and finish 1 book this month)

Decorate my house for Christmas- yay!

Cook 2 Fancy Friday Dinners 
(We have something every weekend this month so hopefully we can do this at least twice!)

Finish blogging about our Europe trip!

Schedule all of our doctor appointments 
(When you move you have to find all new doctors for everything so I need to get these appointments scheduled- even Griffin is due for shots!)

I want to visit Bahama Bucks and have one more sno-cone before it's way too cold! 

 Order Christmas cards- my favorite thing to receive in the mail :)

What are your goals for November?

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