Monday, October 13, 2014

The Miracle on the Brazos

It's no secret that Team Neill loves the Baylor Bears. We were sick to miss the first two football games of the season- and at the brand new stadium no less! So you can imagine our excitement to finally get to see McLane stadium in person! The weather was cold and we played very sloppy, but at the end of the day, victory was ours. It really was a miracle and I'm so thankful we were there to see and experience it in person!

Sisters at lunch before the game

 He is SO happy to be tailgating!

We have to find our brick next time!

We won!!!


  1. What an exciting game to attend! Even this Ag is kind of jealous we didn't get to go to a home game this year. Also, I want those cups!

  2. It was so fun! Your family of 3 will need to make sure you are there next year =) Aren't they cute!? I think I have a new addiction to cute styrofoam cups..!