Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When in Rome

Ahh Roma. This was my second time to visit and Mr. Neill's first time. Rome is a "big city" with a lot of history. Their public transit system needs some work so the location of your accommodation is pretty important. Both times I've been (in the summer) it's been HOT and you end up doing a lot of walking and most of the major sites are outside so stay hydrated! (Travelers tip: cheap bottled water can be found at grocery stores so pop in & pay literally cents compared to the 2-3 euro a bottle at tourist sites and restaurants!) 

My favorite gelato in the world! It's rose flavored and I've only ever found it at this 
gelato shop near the Pantheon... YUM!

Unfortunately this was our view of the Trevi Fountain... completely under construction :(

Things you must do in Rome:

-The Colosseum: I've done both the live tour guide and the audio guide and I recommend the live tour guide. I personally would wait until you get inside to purchase a guided tour rather than purchasing one from the guides standing outside the Colosseum that may or may not be legit.

-Roman Forum: This is not really my cup of tea but if you have time in Rome this is cool to see. If you have limited time, I would cut this out. For one, it takes a lot of time and secondly, it's the same thing over, and over, and over :)

-Pantheon: Fun to see and a great spot to sit and relax and grab the best gelato ever!

-Piazza Navona: A fun square that is filled with cute cafes, artists, and street entertainers. I recommend this as a fun dinner place, especially if you wander behind the square and the church.

-St. Peter's Basilica: By far one of the most impressive churches you will ever see! The line is long unless you get there early or an hour or two before it closes. My recommendation is to go through the Vatican Museum and once you've seen the Sistine Chapel, sneak out a side door that leads straight into St. Peter's. I did this the first time I visited and it worked perfectly. (Thanks Rick Steve for this amazing tip!)

-Vatican Museum: Great museum but takes a lot of time to get through. Buy your tickets in advance and feel free to bring sandwiches in your bag for lunch!

-Borghese Gallery: I did this on my first visit but not on this trip and I highly recommend it! It's a great Gallery and the park it's in is beautiful. You have to reserve tickets beforehand.

-Trevi Fountain: Fun to see if it's not under construction...

-Spanish Steps: Underwhelming to say the least but it is near some great shops (!) and in close proximity to other sites so worth the stop to check it off your list.

Rome really only takes a day or two to see the major sites. If you have any questions leave a comment and let me know!



  1. One day I'll make it to Rome, even if it is only for the gelato.

    1. A trip there for that rose gelato would be TOTALLY worth it :)