Monday, November 3, 2014

That time we didn't see a car for 3 whole days... aka Venice!

Venice is one of the strangest places I've ever been! There are literally no cars, some "streets" are basically just alleyways, and it is very expensive. We enjoyed our time here, but I would tell you that I honestly would only come back if it were during the off-season.

Two days in Venice is plenty of time unless you want to spend half a day cozied up at a cafe while it downpours eating pizza and drinking a famous Bellini and 2 pots of hot tea... :)

Because who doesn't want Italian toast or a hot dog? haha

A typical Venetian "street"

Venice is home of the original bellini!

Things to do in Venice:

-St. Mark's Square: Main square filled with tourists and restaurants. We didn't splurge the 15€ for a drink on one of the patios with live music but maybe next time :)

-St. Mark's Basilica: Church in St. Mark's Square. Admission is free and you must dress conservatively (no short shorts/skirts and no bare shoulders).

-Doge's Palace: Home of the Venetian government. We didn't actually go in but it's one of the main things to do in Venice and it sits right in St. Mark's Square.

-Rialto Bridge: Famous bridge that crosses the Grand Canal and is filled with shops.

-Murano Island: Island completely dedicated to glass making. We really enjoyed and took our time on this island seeing a FREE (don't get scammed into paying for one!) glass blowing demonstration, buying souvenirs, and eating an excellent lunch.

-Gondola Ride: This is an expensive experience but we both agreed it was totally worth it! You can fit 6 people in the gondola so try to find enough people to fill your boat so you can split the cost even more. We went before 7:00 pm to save money and it was still really beautiful (plus you can take great pictures!). The gondolas are easy to find and very popular- we actually waited in line to ride one. If you wander behind the Grand Canal you can also find them and they are far less crowded.

Travelers Tip: I highly recommend purchasing the Rolling Venice Card, especially if you are under the age of 29. Transportation is really expensive in Venice and this pass gives you unlimited travel on the vaporetto (public transit- NOT the water taxis) which can take you anywhere you need to go, including the island of Murano! Everyone says just walk around and get lost on the island, and I agree, but it is really nice & handy to have the option to hop on the vaporetto when you are far from your hotel or a specific restaurant, etc.


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