Monday, December 1, 2014

December 2014 Goals

Apparently online accountability doesn't scare me because I failed miserably at my November goals- haha! Let's take a look...

1. Read 1 book I didn't read a single book this month. Total fail.
2. Decorate my house for Christmas- yay! DONE! 
3. Cook 2 Fancy Friday Dinners We didn't spend a single Friday night at home this month- whoops! We attended a local Greek Festival one Friday and I did use my china for Thanksgiving lunch so I'm going to say overall this was a win :)
Yummy Greek food!
My Thanksgiving table :)
4. Finish blogging about our Europe trip! Only 2 cities left! So close... 
5. Schedule all of our doctor appointments  Again- major fail! I scheduled nothing except we are going to the vet today so obviously #priorities
6. I want to visit Bahama Bucks and have one more sno-cone before it's way too cold! MAJOR CHECK :)
I had a Groupon so we had to extra large haha!
Also note the paper towel & Resolve- this was during the season of Kennel Cough...
7. Order Christmas cards- DONE! They will go in the mail next week!

Ok so I'm going to try a lot harder this month. This is my last month before I start work so I need to get stuff done! 


 1. Read 2 books (if at first you don't succeed try twice as hard!)

2. Plan our anniversary trip (We'll be taking a trip for our second anniversary in August and I want to get a head start on the planning! It will only be for a few days & we'll stay on this side of the pond so it should be pretty easy.)

3. Finish blogging about our Europe trip (for realz this time)

4. Finish our 2014 photo book

5. Stock the freezer. I love being able to pull something out of the freezer & heat it up & voila dinner is done!

6. Drive around & look at Christmas lights! We are new to town so I have no idea where to do this, but I'm determined to find a place, grab a Starbucks, & get festive!

7. Use our appliances. This one is weird but we have a few big appliances we have never used that I want to get out of the box!

Merry Christmas!

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