Thursday, December 4, 2014

Euroneills: Berlin Edition

We LOVED Berlin! It's such a unique city full of history & yet it's almost completely brand new! Most of the city was destroyed in the war, so it has almost been completely rebuilt. You will still see cranes covering the city to this day. I don't actually have very many pictures from our days here since we spent the majority of our time on a Fat Tire Bike Tour (which I highly recommend!) & in museums. Our time in Berlin was a whirlwind and we will definitely be back!   

Checkpoint Charlie. And yes, that soldier is an actor & you can take a picture with him...

Soviet Soldier: the East

American Soldier: Welcome to the West!

The Berlin Wall. I cannot even believe this was in my lifetime.

Chocolate Bear at Fassbender & Rausch
Isn't the stop light guy funny!?
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Things to do in Berlin:

Reichstag: Parliament building. Must make reservations ahead of time to tour.

Brandenburg Gate: Must see, very iconic Berlin!

German History Museum: An excellent museum broken into the history before WWII & the history after. We were mostly interested in WWII & Cold War history so I recommend whizzing through the first part or skipping it altogether to get to the interesting stuff! Overall, a great museum that takes a minimum of 3 hours to get through. Also note, there is an older part of the museum that has a rotating exhibit. Your admission to this is included, but is in a different building than the actual German History Museum so don't get confused like we did :)

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Must see (pictured above)

Topography of Terror: A great museum that is free of charge. We ended up going in for a bit, breaking for lunch and going back which we could do since we didn't have to pay for admission! This museum is on the location of what was the control center for the Nazi government, the Gestapo and the SS. It's chilling but very informative and well done.

Checkpoint Charlie- A must see, tourist-heavy sight.

Museum of the Wall at Checkpoint Charlie: The museum right next to CC... its a mess of artifacts and could literally take you all day to see everything. Definitely check it out but don't read every single thing and note that the second floor is more interesting that the first.

Jewish Museum Berlin We didn't even make it to this one... next time!

Pergamon Museum: We didn't make this one either... again, next time!

Gendarmenkarkt: A cute little square with twin churches, several yummy restaurant options, and a huge chocolate shop (see bear above)!

Plus a ton more! Berlin has so much to offer. We purchased the Berlin city pass and saved money to several museums, our bike tour, plus it also covers all of your public transit which is great because Berlin is very spread out. The bike tour enabled us to see a lot of things that we didn't necessarily need to go back to see with more time, which was nice, because we covered a lot of ground in the 5 hour tour. Plan plenty of time & enjoy one of the most historic places I've ever been!

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