Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Adventures in Nether Nether Land

Amsterdam was such a fun city! I didn't know what to expect but it ended up being one of my favorite places we visited. Amsterdam is easy to get around, has excellent museums, and everyone is extremely friendly and speaks excellent English!

A bicycle "parking" garage!
Yes, this are pancakes that I ate for BREAKFAST!

Things to do in Amsterdam

Rijkmuseum: Excellent museum! Purchase tickets in advance to avoid lines.

Van Gogh Museum: One of my favorite museums I've ever been to. Again, purchase tickets in advance to avoid lines.

Vondelpark: Beautiful Park on the edge of town where all the locals go. We ate at a great restaurant and had drinks at a great bar in the park.

Anne Frank House: Amazing. MUST SEE! Purchase tickets in advance.

Red Light District: I wanted to see it just to say I did. It was not what I expected.

Cheese Tasting: A really fun and unique thing to do!

Canal Boat ride tour: A great way to see the whole city- really enjoyed this!

Diamond stores/tours: Sounds more fun than it was haha

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