Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell: January 2015 Goals

I'm linking up with Andrea over at www.momfessionals.com every other Tuesday for a fun link-up called Show & Tell. Today is all about your resolutions and goals. I am going to stick with setting monthly goals in 2015 instead of big, yearlong goals. Let's see how well I did in December...

1. Read 2 books- I am happy to say I achieved this! See my entire 2014 book list here that included the two I read in December!
2. Plan our anniversary trip- I worked on this a little. I found a B&B to stay at but I didn't book it. I was really waiting to start work and see when would be best to take off. Thank goodness we still have plenty of time :)
3. Finish blogging about our Europe trip- DONE!
4. Finish our 2014 photo book- Also done! Yay!
5. Stock the freezer- Fail...
6. Drive around & look at Christmas lights! We sorta did this but not super intentionally... next year!
7. Use our appliances. Another fail...

January Goals:

1. Read 2 books

2. Walk Griffin at least once a week 
once sounds so lame but it'll be a step up from the 0 he gets now...

3. Craft something
I used to craft all the time but never do anymore and I miss it.

4. Use our appliances
I'm going to give it another go this month

5. Stock the freezer
I really need to do this!  

I'm going to start off the year slowly with only 5 goals this month. I just started a new job and I'm adjusting to us both working full time again.


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  1. I love your goal of stocking the freezer! After a long day of work it is so nice to come home to a near ready made meal.